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Parents Comments

My son goes to Wooded Acres and every day he amazes me with something new he knows. I wish I could take credit for all of the 'please and thank you's' and huge vocabulary but, unfortunately, he is with his teachers and friends more than me! He loves going there everyday! They have so many different activities and caring employees that it makes me feel comfortable leaving him everyday. I stayed home on maternity leave for six months but left him in a few days a week because I felt like he would actually be missing out on so much if he didn't go. My second son will be starting in a few weeks and going back to work will be so much easier knowing they are in great hands.
 —  LIZ

Thank you for the countless ways you have showed you care. From always opening up your heart to my family and for always understanding special circumstances. Because of you, our 2 girls have always been in a loving, caring environment at Wooded Acres. No words can express how grateful we are and have always been for that. I am sorry to say that I don't have any more children to go to Wooded Acres Preschool!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and all the teachers. My girls have been so well cared for! What an enjoyable experience it has been. You provide an amazing place for children to grow, explore, and learn. Not to mention all the personal guidance you provided to me as I navigated parenthood!! I could call you to talk about potty training and disciplining- amazing! We have gotten to know so many great families too! Thank you for everything you do! What you provided to our family is priceless! Thank you!
—  E.K.

To Wooded Acres and the best day care ever! Thank you for taking such great care of me!
— C. F.

Dear Miss "   " Thank you for watching over me for the past """"" years. I have many great memories growing up. Hope to see you soon. Love, Meghan, Erin and Allison (the kids) .....We want to thank you and your staff for being really special to our family. We know that our girls will miss you very much-you all have treated them like family, and they have loved being there at Wooded Acres. We can not thank you and the staff enough for the long hours you put in everyday to care for our daughters.
(the parents)

Thank you so much for providing such a loving environment for our children to grow and to learn. We are so appreciative that our kids are able to feel and to know love and encouragement when at your school.
J. G.

Thank you for making it a terrific year for my daughter! She absolutely LOVED it at Wooded Acres.

"......and it means the world to us that we have a place we can bring him where he is loved.
Really big thank you to you! You have really gone above and beyond for --- and for us. We appreciate your help so much and you have really been amazing. Thank you!!!
— M. C.

"For more than """" years, the amazing staff at Wooded Acres has cared for our children. Such a loving, creative and trustworthy group of people!! After completing the Pre-K program last year, I was the proudest mama in the world when my son was the only one who raised his hand at Kindergarten orientation when the teacher asked a question!!"
— ML